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CiteHealth is a health care ratings platform which enables consumers to evaluate their health care provider quality. Our primary mission is to allow consumers to make informed decisions about medical care they may be receiving. We accomplish this by providing free reports on health care providers and by providing a vehicle for patients to convey their experiences and questions to one another. The information contained on each health provider comes from numerous government and commercial sources, direct contact, and from our users. We have free reports on hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis centers, home care agencies, and rehabilitation centers.

The "CiteHealth" Difference

CiteHealth is different than our competitors, as we:

  • Provide all information for free.
  • Display every relevant piece of data.
  • Compare attributes of each provider against other providers and locations.
  • Organize information so it's easy to use, access, and reference (i.e. no multiple pages, no logins, and no hurdles to get to reports).
  • Display information in a number of different formats (e.g. graphs, sentences, lists).
  • Create indexes that intelligently combine key attributes.
  • Provide rich media content such as maps, pictures, audio, and more.
  • Deliver numerous tools to our users, all at no cost.
  • Allow mechanisms for community and sharing.
  • Let you give your feedback and take part in shaping the information.
  • We "partner with and help" and don't "sell to" the providers we cover.


Our primary goal is to provide consumers with free access to quality health care provider information. The idea is simple but when examining the current landscape of websites in this arena you will find:

  1. Sites giving a small amount of information and then wanting to charge for the rest
  2. Sites giving basic information away but putting up hurdles to getting it. These sites also do not provide insight but rather just the raw data.
  3. Sites built entirely for advertising revenue that give very little information

Observing the landscape as such, we felt the need to fill the "void" and correct as many of these issues as we could. We feel strongly that giving everyone access to this information benefits the greatest number of people as possible, including us as a company.


CiteHealth is owned and operated by Open Data Systems, Inc.

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Support for your Organization

If you represent a health care provider, government entity, library or university, we would like to support you. See our organization support page to see how we can help.