Home Dialysis of North Alabama

Detailed report on the dialysis center located in Decatur, Alabama (AL).

Home Dialysis of North Alabama is a small dialysis clinic with 1 stations based at 1216 Sommerville Road Southeast in Decatur, AL. The for-profit facility is operated independently from any other parent chain. The center was certified by Medicare in 2007. The facility offers in-center peritoneal services.

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Independently Operated

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1216 Sommerville Road Southeast
Decatur, AL 35601

Phone Number

(256) 340-0012

Geographic Coordinates

34.589048, -86.972775
* The accuracy of these coordinates is at a address level.

Certification Date

* Originally passed inspection by Medicare or Medicaid on this date. This is not the same as accreditation.


The total number of dialysis stations the facility operates. Each patient is assigned to a station when receiving dialysis treatment. Typically, a single station offers just one type of dialysis treatment, but multiple station types can be offered per facility.

This Provider This Provider
Decatur Average
Morgan County Average
Alabama Average
United States Average



In-Center Hemodialysis Service


Indicates whether the facility offers hemodialysis services on site. Hemodialysis is the process of pumping blood through a dialyzer with dialysate. After being cleaned, the cleansed blood is the returned to the body.

This Provider This Provider
1 (50.00%) Offer this Service
Morgan County
1 (50.00%) Offer this Service
105 (95.45%) Offer this Service
United States
4,686 (96.96%) Offer this Service

Hemodialysis Training Service


Indicates whether the facility offers hemodialysis training at patients' place of residence.

This Provider This Provider
0 (0.00%) Offer this Service
Morgan County
0 (0.00%) Offer this Service
14 (12.73%) Offer this Service
United States
806 (16.68%) Offer this Service

Late Shift Service


Indicates whether the facility has a shift starting at 5:00 PM or later.

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0 (0.00%) Offer this Service
Morgan County
0 (0.00%) Offer this Service
1 (0.91%) Offer this Service
United States
931 (19.26%) Offer this Service

In-Center Peritoneal Service


Indicates whether the facility offers peritoneal services on site. Peritoneal dialysis is the process running a sterile solution of minerals and glucose through a tube into the peritoneal cavity. The dialysate is left for a period of time to absorb the waste products and then drained.

This Provider This Provider
1 (50.00%) Offer this Service
Morgan County
1 (50.00%) Offer this Service
33 (30.00%) Offer this Service
United States
2,235 (46.24%) Offer this Service

Quality Measures


Patient Survival

The patient survival category set by Medicare and Medicaid directly. Facilities fall into one of three categories; better than expected, as expected, or worse than expected.

Facility not open during entire reporting period.

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Love the opportunity to do Peritoneal Dialysis!

Love the opportunity to do Peritoneal Dialysis!

So many dialysis patients do not understand the freedom, health benefits and lower cost associated with peritoneal dialysis. Most doctors do not encourage patients or tell them the benefits of peritoneal dialysis because there is so much more money to be made in doing the Hemo dialysis in a clinic. When we were told that my husband had to go on dialysis, my daughter while in the hospital room started researching. When she found that we might have the option of doing home dialysis, it was like a weight had been lifted from our shoulder. We researched everything that we could on peritoneal dialysis that day and when his doctor came in, we told him that was what we wanted. He did ask how we knew about it? He said that it was easier on the patient....because it does not involved the blood. The patient does not have to follow a strict diet because insurance will pay for as much dialysis as a peritoneal patient needs, not the only three day a week that is allowed for Hemo patients. My husband started out doing manual dialysis but is now using the machine which is so less time consuming. It is very easy to learn to use, it is as easy as screwing on a bottle cap to hook up and he is able to continue his nightly routine of watching TV and sleeping. He disconnects after 9 hours in time to meet his cronies for breakfast as the local coffee shop. We travel much more than the average couple because we own four condos in different areas and travel at least 20 weeks a year. If we are going to stay in one place for over three days, we can have the solution shipped to our condo or etc. This is free of charge if Baxter is notified two weeks in advance. My husband is able to live a normal life, does not suffer from depression, and the peritoneal dialysis does not leave him feeling bad the next day. As his wife, I am so thankful that my daughter researched this and we chose it from the beginning. I would recommend it for anyone that is a candidate for it. This is NOT something that doctors will usually recommend because it does not cost but a faction of what the Hemo does. It is sad because there are so many patients that could be doing things they enjoyed instead of spending three days a week in a clinic watching their blood being filters. Peritoneal dialysis does NOT involve any blood. It is much like putting in glucose without using a needle. It is painless. If you would like to speak to my husband or me, my phone number is 256 565 6777.

Monday, April 06, 2015 10:20 AM MST

Love Peritoneal Dialysis

Love Peritoneal Dialysis

My husband started Peritoneal Dialysis with Home Dialysis of North Alabama almost three years ago. We had originally used Fresenius in Birmingham. Fresenius charged my husband for Hemo dialysis and over charged my insurance company thousands and thousands of dollars. My husband received less than 2 months of supplies while he was a patient of Fresenius and they had charged my insurance over $500,000.00 for the six months he was there. After complaining and reporting the extortion to medicare and PeeHip, Fresenius dismissed him. When he had to go back on dialysis after a year, we found Home Dialysis of North Alabama. My husband is using the machine at night where with Fresenius he did the manual dialysis. If anyone has the option of doing home dialysis, take it! My husband is able to do everything for himself at night. It is very simple, after you are trained. It is as simple as using your I phone and taking off a bottle cap and twisting a bottle cap back on. We travel at least twenty weeks per year. If we are going to stay in one place for three days or longer, Baxter will deliver the peritoneal solution to the place we are staying if we will give them a two week notice. My husband feel must better because he is able to have dialysis 7 times a week to only three times per week that insurance will paid for a Hemo patient. He can eat normal because of not worrying about fluid build up between dialysis. He hook up at 8:00 P.M., watches tv and then goes to sleep and is through with his dialysis in time to go out and eat breakfast with his coffee buddies each morning. We are able to live a normal life without having to go to a clinic three times a week. Peritoneal dialysis does not leave you feeling bad or drained like Hemo dialysis does. It has been a life saver for our family because we can live a normal, retired life. We have been very please with Home Dialysis of North Alabama. If anyone want personal information, call me at 256 565 6777. Terry and Shelby Kipatrick

Monday, April 06, 2015 9:52 AM MST


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Decatur at a Glance

Decatur has a total population of 53,929, of which 13,693 are children under the age of 18 and 7,060 are seniors 65 and older. The median age is 36.3.

Total Population:
Median Age:
25,894 (48.0%)
28,035 (52.0%)
Children (0-17):
13,693 (25.4%)
Adults (18-64):
33,176 (61.5%)
Seniors (65+):
7,060 (13.1%)
Age Breakdown:
Breakdown of age groups in Decatur
24,547 (45.5%)
4,906 (9.1%)
Marriage Breakdown:
Breakdown of marriage in Decatur
Hispanic Ethnicity:
3,040 (5.64%)
40,714 (75.50%)
African American:
10,548 (19.56%)
376 (0.70%)
Pacific Islander:
68 (0.13%)
312 (0.58%)
1,195 (2.22%)
Two or More:
716 (1.33%)
Racial Breakdown:
Breakdown of race in Decatur


The average number of disabilities per resident is 0.37, which does not include institutionalized individuals.

0.37 (Per Capita)
Dialysis Centers:
Home Agencies:
Nursing Homes:
Medical Suppliers:
Rehab Centers:


The median family income is $47,574 while the median household income is $37,192. Roughly 14.77% of the population live in poverty.

Family Income:
Household Income:
In Poverty:

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