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alcohol abuse


hi, my husband has been drinking since he was 17 in the military he is now 52 this condition has gotton worst.he drinks wine and liquor together. i know each time he has had an drink he denies it, now he does not drink everyday he may become intoxicated for one day two days now he has moved up to e days. when he drinks he is a total different person he curses me out, i have to get him out the car into the house. last night was the last draw he talked about giving up on life he was tired. he has hypertention he suffered a stroke and a heart attack. he is always stress out can't sleep, or afraid to sleep.no matter what i say he will not listen i fear for his life he did admit that he wants help. part of the problem his brother in a nursing and a uncle who he was very close to. cildren always in trouble.he complain about being used no one cares about him except for me.




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