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Save your loved ones(don't put them here)


My grandfather went into this home after having a stroke. Between my Grandmother, Mom, Aunt, Sister, and me we were all there from the time he woke up to the time he went to sleep at night. what we observed while in the rehabilitation part is that they were extremely understaffed. You would call the nurse call button and it would take then any where from 30 minutes( at the earliest) and up to an hour sometimes more.... to come help you go to the bathroom or with anything else you might need. They did not care about the patients and they said they did self feeding but we would purposly leave for 20 minutes when we knew food would come and they said they would feed him... when we came back his food would be sitting there cold. It was so sad and so taxing on us to watch him be in such a horrible place. We literally didn't feel safe leaving him there. They don't care about you and are just way understaffed for 6,000 dollers a month they did nothing for him and he sat in a dark room, just so sad, same with his room mate. The poor guy would wet himself all the time because they just didn't have enough staff, or the girls were out in the hall talking about stupid stuff and not doing there job. If you love your loved ones I beg you don't leave them here inless you check it out...and more than the introduction.....(THEY HAVE YOU SIGN SOMETHING SAYING IF THERE IS A PROBLEM OR THEY DO SOMETHING WRONG YOU WONT TAKE THEM TO COURT)---Super fishy.




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