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Respite Care


My wife is currently on Hospice. She was admitted to Country Villa for a five day stay so that my daughter and I could have 5 days to rest and recooperate from the stress of taking care of my wife and mother who is dying of MS. Counrty Villa failed to give my wife her prescribed medication that keep her calm and in not giving her medications she attempted to walk out of the Hospital. They say that they do not beleive and giving those kinds of medications to patients. Well the outcome was my wife freaked out and attacked the nurses there with a belt that they gave her or allowed her to get a hold of. ultimately they kicked her out of the facility and tagged my wife as being a violent patient in less than 24 hours. Now My daughter and I can find not other facilities that will take in for Respid Care because Country Villa has given her this reputation. If they had administered the prescribed medications none of this would have happened. Country Villa knew about the medications and failed to tell anyone that they would not administer them as prescribed.




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