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Outraged Patient


I recieved a collection notioe from Brookhaven mem Hospital for a balance I had with them which I was paying when I recieved a bill. I was alarmed by this since I was paying on time. I tried calling the number on the notice but could never get through. So I paid it and even wrote a note stating my concern as to why I even recieved this. about a month later I recieved a call from Another collection agency claiming I never paid. I researched it and found that my check was cashed, After calling and calling I finally got through to the original Collector. Emily Rubens and was told that the payment I made was not for Brookhaven Mem hosp as it clearly stated but for Dr Sanderov here which I was never aware of. They went on to say that they sent me several Bills which I never got as I stated I called and Paid this as soon as I recieved it. This kind of under handed trick by Emily Rubens 35 Kennedy Dr Hauppaugue and Dr Sanderov 801 Gazzaola Blvd E Patchogue is what gives the medical profession a bad name. I dont need to comment on how much of a bad name Lawyers already have




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