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Employment (In the cafeteria)


Hello, I was once a KA(kitchen assistant) at this hospital. The manager is lazy and makes everything your responsibility, people are out to get

you fired if they dont like you, and succeed... You never get raises and there is NO promotion system. AT ALL. They do not train you properly!

They "train" you by watching people do it and after a week or so they EXPECT you to be good. Not only that, these unorganized people NEVER tell

you any positives, instead they tell you all the negatives! My form of training was based on 1 to 2 weeks and everytime I did something wrong

I'd be told about it. (Most of the time it was stuff I was NEVER told to do!) These people expect you to get everything right after thy tell you

once or twice. If you ask them more than a few times what to do they will get an attitude usually (Some of the people anyway).

After working here 4 months or so I started to be on top of everything. Though everyday you end up issing ONE small thing in which you get

yelled at the next day. WHY!? It was so small! One thing I noticed was all the cooks like their job besides one thing... Those people that talk

about other people behind their backs. The cashiers are supposedly the highest paid people but they do the LEAST amount of work. The KA's

(kitchen assistants) do the MOST and get paid $11.03/h starting wage. Sure that is a good starting wage and all but... Dont expect it to get

higher ever... No one gets raises here.

Management... Ok the manager is... Lazy. Not only lazy... But it is never the managers fault. Seems to me I was the only person the manager blamed for

something not getting done. I really dont think the manager EVER tells the other KA's to do some of the stuff I was getting in trouble for not

doing. Why? Why am I getting in trouble but not the other KA's?




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