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been there, done that at Avery Road


Great facility if you are for real and want to get clean. Been clean since I left six years ago, except for one alcohol incident with a stupid drunk friend whom was a bail bondsman...my drug was 2 to 400 mg of percocet daily and the such...Problem with that place was, yes, you can leave anytime out that door, it is inlocked going out. Once you go out, you can not come back in....i was there 28 days and my counselor told me on Sunday I could leave due to the fact Sunday's there are kinda like a break from the drive and everyday wake up of classes...you still have a aa or na class on that sunday...He informed me since I did so well and never, ever missed a class or session I could leave the next day(there was a snow storm there and still coming) Well when I got out I went back to get my certificate of accomplishment but the Indian/pakastanian/muslim whatever he was denied me of it over and over and over and Ms Val even never tried to resolve it. Well, I went back to jail for no proof of attending...Jailed 30 days even though I was not there on a jail term at Avery Road!!!! I went there on my own and called for over 22 days straight to get in there. Others have gotten in there in three days..it is who you know...As far as the sandbogger, he is a piece of crap, oh, and yes, he is the one that wants to start his own re-hab...I even wished him great luck on it when I was there...hope he is teaching re-hab on the corner where he needs to be..i wish I could remember his name....Avery is where to go for treatment if you want to get clean. I was there one time and there were people bragging during discussions " I BEEN HERE EIGHT TIMES....I BEEN HERE TWELVE TIMES!!!! A Lot of good that did you!!! My Name is Hank Kulesza, I was the only one at that time that attended all and every class and helped clean the place up..The food is great in my opinion, and the staff at the cafeteria are super-duper sweet. Yhey make sure you get fed...I gained 30 pounds in 28 days...believe it..My hats off to the cafeteria staff...I LOVE YOU you were so nice to me and all that were there...sometimes better than the doctors...they need to switch places....SANDBOGGER, I HOPE THE BEST FOR YOU EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO SAY MORE!!!MS VAL, THANKS FOR NO RESPONSE FOR MY ON GOING LETTERS....I WISH I COULD BE A SPEAKER THERE ONCE A MONTH!!! Your rating of someone being sober after leaving there is nil, very nil...I am one of those. They all come back there or are dead or in prison...REST MY CASE HANK KULESZA




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