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A discussion of the rehab center completed on Thursday, May 24, 2012 7:42 PM MST.


horrible staff, dirty facility


I've been here for minor affects twice the first time in 2010 was awesome! I loved my therapist n the two ladies at the front were awesome! They knew names before ppl even signed in they werefunny as he'll n friendly, I actually heard a rumor they were mother n daughter, either way they knew what they were doing n did it quick painless friendly n fun. Then I noticed a lot of change idk if management or whatever changed. My second time back the younger girl was gone n her replacement was, to say in the least, unprofessional n oblivious. However I w as still able to call n sch with the other woman. Idk what happened but their both gone now n not only has the new "dumb" front talked badly about them but the whole place has gone to shit! No one knows what their doing. They r rude n unprofessional n seem to only want my money. They call to remind me of Dr appts n leAve msgs I don't even understand but when I showed up they told me it was canceled a month ago n "sorry for the confusion " now I'm off serious psyc meds! One hand don't know what the other is doing! Bring back the other two ladies! The older blond with glasses who is helarious BTW n the young sweet one who Know's damn well wtf she was doing! I'm not the only one every one who I talked to who went there before completely agreed! Do not go here with the shape this place is in now!!!!!!




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