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not true at all


We could not falt the place, go there! I read this rewiew befor I took my daughter there and was very worried. When i contacted the center they answered all of my concerns, gave me more information than I recieved anywhere ealse and were avalable to talk to me at all times. My daughter has been there three weeks, gone through Herion withdrawal and recieved daily conceling and care.She gets medication for anything that she requires. The halls have video monitoring 24/7 but not the rooms or bathrooms. This is for privacy, monitor going ons of patients or theft. There is a strict schedule that the patients CAN follow, this allows then day or weekend passes. Pairing up with other patients is not allowed and if it is detected dealt with. But I was told it happens, they have a rule SICK PLUS SICK IS SICKER. I have attended family meetings, family counseling, and NAR NON meetings with in the center, it is encorouged. Yes the building is old but it is a wonderful place to help save my daughter from a life of addiction or death.






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