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Care Avante provides


Avante of Reidsville provides very poor care to those residents who are entirely dependent upon the staff. Why do I say this, because of experience. My family member has been severely neglected by not being fed, not given medication within a specific time, denied pain medication after multiple requests, has bedsores that will not heal up, has infections that will not clear up, the staff does not report when my family member needs meds for pain or wound dressings haven't been changed for days, has bedsores, cna's refusing to feed my family member when the person is totally dependent upon care. Many times their tray has been taken and they've not eaten. My family members room is filthy, housekeeping does very poor job in caring for him. My family member now has very little quality of life. We have filed many complaints for him to the director of nursing, btw who is worthless, adminstrator just as worthless, he doesn't care. Always has an excuse, never fixes anything. My family member has been afraid to speak out because he is afraid he will be further mistreated and left laying in dirty diapers. I have filed complaints to the Omsbudman, to the state, an everything is always unsubstantiated. But we see this, and the family is made to look like a bunch of liars. Avante is incapable of caring for the elderly, especially those that are dependent. It's a shame that they simply do not care!




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