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Did you do the work?


First of all this review was written in 2009. I don't know what the staff was like then, but it has changed and the current staff is focusing on more current therapy. I don't know what the situation of the person who wrote the review was prior to treatment, but nine times in treatment tells me that either they didn't want to be in recovery (you are never recoverd,) or that you had some underlying mental illness that they didn't want to take medication for. Substance abuse is almost always a secondary diagnosis. Cochran Recovery Program may not be the Ritz or Hazelden, but the treatment, if you want to be in recovery, is excellent at this time. BTW, I think sleeping in a bed, with a stained sheet, (which I know doesn't happen,) is better than sleeping on a mattress behind a bar, or on a bench, or anywhere else outside or on the floor of some addicts dirty apartment.






I tried. I was on a stay of commitment. Luckily, had long-term sobriety at one point. I did not know people relapsed, my fault. We( Husband & I) Thought it was enough that we had gone to mtg's for years & that we were connected in the recovery world. BTW= I changed my review. I didn't write them all obviously, so, could only do my part. It was not easy, but the way I lived was harder. Something ( God) bigger than me got me through it because I don't have that kind of strength. I was not totally open, there was so much going on, outside. So, again, my fault. But yes, I have not drank since mid-2010. Wish I could say I got it right then, but you know how it works. If almost dying doesn't do it, what does? Not asking you. I know. I know that the 2nd time around is far harder then the first. This much I knew. But, after a routine surgery, I did not know what a pain killer was. It may as well have been baby Aspirin. Had I gone to Mtg's? I would've heard the important stories/ lessons......So, I took one for the team, ha. Everything worked out exactly as it had to, I see this NOW. SLOW learner. Working on resentments/ past issues that are harder than I knew, probably why I avoided. I know that most ppl that are abused tend to be drawn to pain killers. They wipe it out, even just for a few hrs. ( They did ) So, again Thank you & am sorry for my comment. Accountability, haha. Not easy either, but inching along. Keep doing what you do. You have saved more people than you probably know. ( helped save ) Peace.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 12:09 PM MST

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