Cochran Recovery Program Discussion by Anonymous

A discussion of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 9:05 PM MST.


In response to the response of my review.....


Hello! I think YOU must be mixed up as you are not responding to ME, but someone else writing a review on detox. I was NOT in TX.9 times, this was my first inpatient stay...I never mentioned dirty sheets? What are YOU on? I am sober, not because of CRP. Your ignorance is typical of staff there. Mental illness? Yes, all addicts have SOME form, usually depression & anxiety.....but the Staff had the REAL MI issues both in TX & Detox. I'm sure you were all miserable, as it showed. It's not a healtyh place to recover, I know someone now in a TX center that is doing so well. They focus on nutrition, life skills/ schooling/ debt, even willing to find someone to take care of her animals. This place is Wayside, in St. Louis Park, strictly for Women. It's a tough program, you are always busy, much better than us sitting around in a moldy/smoke filled building. You do NOT focus on mental illness, as my friend died shortly after leaving becausr his COUNSELOR said he was doing so well, ha. SHAME ON YOU! RH




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