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So true


Vicki is the most selfish rude person I have ever meet she doesn't care about none of the patients her goal is to get you hooked on methadone she talks to you like your a dumb drug addict I wish I knew how to report her




RE: So true

RE: So true

You must have Add-life confused with MCET! I've been to both an while I won't comment about MCET since I'm not saying it to them in person (I think people who talk about others "anonymously" are coward)-I will say about Add-Life that they have saved my life and they are not just "out for money". Ms Vickie actually helped me when I was goin thru a hard time as far as my payments (won't say how as it's nobodys business) I will just say if she was only out for money she wouldn't of done what she did. I even had them help me get gas when my car ran out of gas to get home. Brenda my counselor has always been available to talk anytime I need her. In fact the whole crew are awesome people to talk to and I've met alot of people in my lifetime from ALL walks of life and am a very good judge of character. These people actually care. Of course they are also in it to make money! They have to live like we all do. Isn't any kind of business formed with the intention of making money?! I'm sure that those who have rude comments are those that probably screwed up their program-ya'lls fault! No one elses. Claim resposibility! Add-Life is awesome and I recommend it to everyone I know who wants to change their life!

Sunday, November 16, 2014 6:53 PM MST

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