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Horrible Patient Care in ER


My daughter had had a fever of 105 for 4 days in a row. She had been to a care now several times and they finally suggested she go to an ER. She chose Baylor Frisco bc she had had a relative good experience when she had her baby there most due to her ob (the anesthesia staff was awful though as they had to give her 2 epi's and 2 spinals to numb her for a c-section). She went in by herself when I took her bc she did not want her child exposed to any diseases. She was in and out in less than 20 minutes as the doctor did no exam, gave her no fluids even though it was apparent she was dehydrated, her eyes were completely blood shot and she was beet red from her fever. He declared she has a viral infection even though no blood cultures were done and she had not eaten in 4 days and had very little to drink and was not urinating very little and was sweating out most of the fluids she did take in. She was so ill she could not fight and I could not go in and complain. Next day I called to complain about the horrible patient care and was put in touch with the Chief of nursing. She assured me that they would take care of the bill if my daughter would come back in she would see to it that my daughter was taken care of. My daughter was reluctant bc she felt so poorly and she did not have faith they would attend to her. We agreed to return and this time I went in with her. The person who did registration told us that the bill was being taken care of by management and they did not need her insurance info. They put my daughter in a room and sent in a nurse who was inept and was unable to use the electronic thermometer appropriate. She told my daughter her temp was 98.6. My daughter told her she had not take the temp correct and the nurse got a major attitude. I asked for another nurse and that nurse kept insisting that she had taken the temp correctly. Did mention my daughter is a nurse. When she left the room I took her temp and it was 102.6 bc she had taken some tylenol bf coming to the ER. The nurse the sent in after her was equally inept. Slower than slow gone for long periods of time, not there to help her go to the bathroom or reconnect to monitors after she had gone. Did mention that for about an hour and a half she was only patient in the ER (that should tell you something right there). They finally gave her fluids, did a couple of cultures, took a chest xray and sent a overly nice doc in a box (they had been forwarned about my daughter returning I am sure). They released my daughter after 2 1/2 hours with no meds no diagnosis and no indiction of what the cultures had suggested. She did get fluids which I was grateful for. Now we getting bills for the 2nd visit which I guess should not be a surprise so they are hold my daughter hostage again by threatening her credit even though we have tried more than 20 times to get a hold of the Chief Nursing Officer and the CEO of the facility to get satisfaction. I would never do business with this hospital based on there total lack of patient care or concern for the patient as well as the fact that everyone at that facility seems to lack basic medical skills and knowledge not to mention their customer service leaves more than something to be desired. I would fearful to put anybody I know in that facility based on what we have experienced.




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