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In 1983 I was taken to The Cooper Green Hospital with severe abdominal pain and after 4 hours or more of waiting,I was taken back and 2 more hours in the treatment room,I was told I was pregnant and that I was hemorrhaging and have to have emergency surgery to prevent my tube from bursting. The Surgeon removed my left fallopian tube and after 3days in the hospital,again I was in excruciating pain and was told that I needed to get up and move around because it was just gas from the surgery. I responded that I have had 2 prior surgeries and gas but it didn't feel like this and a older nurse came in and checked my stomach and had the chief of surgery to come check me and with 1 slight press of the stomach, I was back into the operating room again, and yes,I had developed an infection from an unsanitary needle that was used to stitch up my incision.I'm not through yet.Ok, now they decided to use staples, 2 days later, I'm infected again from dirty clamps. Well they did save me from dying from an ectopic pregnancy that I didn't know that I had, after all, I had my tubes tied 5 years prior at UAB Hospital. So,I guess I have to thank CGH for sending me home with my stomach open but they made sure I had a nurse to agree to keep my stomach and cleaned until the infection cleared up. Otherwise, They may have killed me if I had continue to stay there. Well,I had had enough of their infecting me with their dirty instruments. I'm here by the grace of God and common sense to ask my nurse friend for help and when she said absolutely,they had to give me my discharge papers. Thank you Jesus!!!!




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