Damon House, Inc Discussion by Anonymous

A discussion of the rehab center completed on Sunday, November 22, 2015 2:39 PM MST.


a graduates truth


thank god you tell the truth, damon house caused me P.T.S.D. .. it’s no joke.. thank god for AA after I got out

I am coming up on two years clean but if damon house inquiries I will tell them I relapsed when I left so they don’t try to add me as a positive statistic

I lost my wife to illness right before I was admitted and they never addressed grief, they just yelled at me and punished me ( stand in corner for hours etc. ) I would be punished worse if I told my family and all mail is screened, and phone calls are on speaker with staff so it’s impossible to tell anyone privately how you are humiliated and mistreated.

they should close any program that thinks T.C. or behavior based programs equate to cruelly treating clients and calling it therapy




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