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A discussion of the rehab center completed on Friday, April 15, 2016 9:06 PM MST.


Damon house


Damon House is one of the worst rehabs possible. The staff is absolutely rude, inconsiderate, and VERY unprofessional. When we called to check up on our family member we were hung up on multiple times and this wasn’t even in his blackout period! When we were allowed for family visitations the staff was extremely unfriendly and treated us as if we were stupid. Not to mention they treat the clients as if they are stupid as well. When our family member left they stole all of his clothes and replaced them with clothes THAT WERE NOT HIS, shoes that were not his and the clients are allowed to have money put into their accounts, well all of his money was put on an ebt card, NOT IN HIS NAME, with no PIN number to use, and no security password so he can’t even use it. These places are meant to help people get better but Damon House makes you worse. No one cares about your well being in this hell hole, all they care about is their money. No wonder why clients are fleeing left and right and would rather be in prison than stay here.




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