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I just discovered this site and want anyone who is leaving a review to know I appreciate ALL the reviews. Positive or negative, they all help our organization become stronger. Having read a couple from above I am shocked at a couple comments. "Crooks" is not a word used to describe me, my staff or our organization. We've been doing this for 10 years with the goal of always helping our clients and doing the right thing. Our reputation in the industry certainly argues a couple reviews from above. However, I'm sorry when anyone has a bad experience and always hope I, my staff or anyone at the company can help to rectify the situation. I'm easy to find and happy to talk with anyone. I'm not going to list my cell phone on this site, so I'd say just call Chris and let him know you want to talk with me directly and he'll give you my cell phone. For the positive reviews, thank you. For the negative reviews, thank you and I'm sorry your experience wasn't better and I'm especially sorry for your perception of me, my staff and my organization.




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