Crossroads Mission of Yuma Discussion by Anonymous

A discussion of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:40 AM MST.


Success. Rate of. Drug rehab


Well it has come to my attention. That its very unlikely. That a person is gonna )succeed. In staying. Drug free in or out of rehab.if that person is. Frrom yuma. To many triggers to many opportunity's. To relapse. Especially. If they have a partner in the mission as well. In order to really. Help anyone to not wanna relapes they need to get that person. Away from there element trying to stay clean is a battle especially. When there are so much negitive surrounding. Them there in the mission. And out. There is alot of drugs being brought. In to that facility. For a fact women and men should. Not have any contact with. Each other. I know that there has been as still going on anytime. You let an addict out usually. Some other addict. Of the opposite. Sex is waiting out side or down the street to run off with. That only leads to no good and most of them are on probation. So therefore. That is a violation. On its own for any of that behavior. To go on i think its high time to blow the lid of this escapades. And get down to brass taxs. And quit wasting. Tax payers and free donation money and put a plan in place that will actually. Be most effective. And shine the light on the corruption. That is there. There is no good in any form or fashion. That a male resident. Slash. Former addict. Should be permitted. Around or allowed. To be any kind of support. Or counselor. To any female resident addicts that is not a being any thing of a facility. Of rehab should be. Condoning. Where are the chirstian. Morals and values these. Ladys are there to beat there addiction. Not to be matched up like a dating. Service. By allowing them to fraternize. With any male patrons. Of any sorts i have actual. Recordings. Of this ludicrous. Behavior. And there are several church organizations. That will be asking questions. So someone needs to clean this mess up and as far as the staff if someone. Calls in looking. For a resident they are Denied. Any info but the ladys choose whom they give info too. When there not suppose. To its all about who you know and who your friends and family. Is if you are not liked you dont get no info. But anyone at that facility. At any given time can ask anything. They want and get that info so if you have friend. Or family. On the inside you can gather. Any info you need on anyone at any given time and there is cell phones smuggled in there as well so the people. In charge is not stopping nothing you might wanna beef up security. More so take my advice or information. How ever you see fit but the day is coming with a film crew and many patrons to clean this up if someone in charge. Doesnt do it first




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