Williamson Treatment Center, Inc Discussion by Anonymous

A discussion of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 10:03 AM MST.


tring to switch from the methadone to suboxone program


this place suck ive been going here since8-14-16 and and hax a perscription for ativan and gapetin ive been wanting to switch to suboxone scince 10-10-16 because i cant afford to pay for the methadone the dirrector at the cclinic wanted me to stop getting my meds in order to switch to suboxone and it is now 1-18-17 and i havent been getting no more persciptions no more and they still wont let me switch to the suboxone they just keep giving me the runaround and puttin it off on me so i guess im going to have to drop out of the bullshit facility i need to find out who is over this facility and ask them what the hell the problem is why they wont switch me ive been tring to get them to let me switch for 3 damn months now its bullshit




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