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Clinch Valley Tx Ctr Methadone Quality


This clinic is the fourth of which I have been a client. I have been on maintenance for many,many years,and when I transferred here I was sick for over six months before I felt remotely ok. However, I have never properly stabilized; and it has been a constant struggle living with it. I do because I have worked too long and hard to let it all fall apart now. Nevertheless,I keep hoping to find an alternative to this particular clinic. I don't know, maybe I will find a new clinic nearby when I look next...or maybe I could move. The best thing, though, would be if the quality at Clinch Valley would improve...if some official would check their methadone in a way they could not fake...or make them offer wafers or tablets. Something. Anything...because I really don't think I will be able to move anytime soon. Thanks for letting me say this. I am so tired of not being stable and having to fight ALL of the time. The thing is, is that I know from experience that tis is NOT how it is supposed to be. I know that stabilization and peace are actually possible, and I miss them.




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