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DO NOT go here!!!


PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! As a former patient of 1 week I can testify to the fact that this place is NOT what they say it is. I literally had to call 911 to get care and get someone to get me out of there. They tried to keep my phone away from me so I could not call anyone to help me and so I would have to come back. They would not take me to the ER after begging for help for almost 20 hours of being in pain (I ended up having 2 bulging disk). They tried to convince my family that I should not leave and if they could not convince me to come back I would end up harming myself or someone else. They also tried to convince them I was addicted to drugs when I was not. I was there for Domestic Violence Trauma which they said they had a program for trauma only which they did not. It was all Chemical dependence based. I went in on 3 medications for my neck injuries and left on 10 drugs. That right there should be a red flag! If you love your family member DO NOT send them here....




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