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Went there for detox from benzodiazepines. They treated me like a regular junkie. Mind you I took it upon myself to get off of the medication that I was prescribed to. I went there to be safe because of the possibilities of seizures. 8 was given medication for seizures, that's all. My health ailments were ignored. I was so ill walking/standing was impossible, other nurses brought me my medication but there was one who would not bring it and I was told if I wanted it it would be a good idea if I just went up and got it bc she took forever. When I didn't go up and get it she missed my scheduled dose, when I asked her for it she said she gave it to me, when I told her to count her pills and to have another nurse double check her I witnessed with my own eyes her say to her, "I know I gave it to her so just say I did" LITERALLY. When I would go to the nurse window because I felt close to death, seriously, not being a baby I was literally concerned I was going to die, I was ignored for 10minutes while nurses sat there never made eye contact, popping her gum, until I finally spoke up and said will someone please acknowledge my presence! They then did nothing for my concerns, and blatantly spoke to other nurses as if I was retarded and could not here her talk shit about me. When another nurse asked her why she was ignoring me she said because she is acting the same way she was earlier. No shit! It's because I feel the exact way and nothing is being done! While I was ignored I witnessed another person being told by their nurse how to say how he felt in order to get a higher grade to get more Librium. Seriously she said to say that he had sweats, felt shaky, felt irritated/aggravated, felt anxious, to make sure he was given the most Librium to ensure his ease of withdrawals, bc they relapsed for a day! While I had been on medication for 2 years! Never was I sat down politely and spoken too. There were a couple nurses that were polite and kind to me. Never would I treat a person with such disrespect and disregard. You are a nurse you are to pay attention and treat ALL & ANY of your patients with respect and dignity. I also witnessed a patient taken in to INPATIENT, when they blatantly asked for their OUTPATIENT services, they were NOT intoxicated and did not need any medication for detox because they were not physically dependent. When they asked to leave because that's not what they asked for or needed and they needed to return to work they were put on suicide watch and was held for 72 hrs. How can you trust them? Opioid patients were soo high on suboxone they would nod out at groups. I do not recommend taking yourself or a loved one to this facility. Especially if you're a woman, they favor men. Try UTMC, Flower Hospital, or ANY OTHER HOSPITAL BESIDES ARROWHEAD. My extremely important paperwork for my job was supposed to be sent in, which they told me they did, was never sent in. When I called multiple times after release for them to send my paperwork in they never called back. Currently fighting with them to get it signed so I can return to work. If they don't I'm terminated. I will lose my job because of their simple failure to do their job! Terrible place.




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