Cortland Regional Medical Center, Inc Discussion by Anonymous

A discussion of the hospital completed on Thursday, October 05, 2017 8:50 PM MST.


JANET JOHNSON MD @cortlnd med cen tried to lynched me and deprive myself of my medications


around 8 18 drjanet Johnson reere to to another derm doctor where te derm had bad reputatain and she tried to deprive me of my medical needed for dermtoloocal problems, WHEN THE JANET JOHNSM FORGET HER MANNARES AND SHE DISCHRGES S ME AND IT BOOMERRANG UPON HER HEAD WITH SERIES OF CAUSES OF ACTIONS WHERE I WIL FILE 10/10/2107 HUMN right iolations nd after a class action in civil fed courts and we wil see wher and far we will go in her persecution to to insures that she will not abuse nine the next trip around wtah us go the fed caurs




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