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Nightmare experience


The reviews are correct. Upon arrival, they confiscate everything. Then when one exercises her right to leave, they won’t return the items for w4 hours, so one is left without an ID, credit or debit card, and cell phone. They drugged me up so much that I could not speak for three days. I later looked up the meds and lack of speech is a rare side effect. They also withheld my anti-depressant for 4 days, took me cold turkey off of a med I should have been weaned off of, would not provide me with gluten free food for the first 4 1/2 days, and put me on meds that I did not need. I am now off of all of them. Therapy is a joke. In our group sessions, Michelle would spend half an hour talking about black holes and her belief that the world was flat. Her “individualized program” was a cut an de paste job and full of misinformation about my past. The shrink is a joke too. Yes, he meets with patients once a day, but typically for no longer than 1-2 minutes. Both verbal an de physical violence among patients is tolerated. It is NOT a safe place. There is little or no emphasis on A.A., NA, or the 12 step program beyond some evening meetings. I was finally “allowed” to leave there with assurances that my bill was paid. Then My daughter and I got threatening and frequent phone calls stating that I owed $44,000! I thank my higher power that I left there after 3 weeks and started my real recovery. This place should be shut down.




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