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Crestwood Terrace - unhealthy living conditions


My brother - diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder and diabetic - double amputee below the knees - has been in Crestwood for at least 5 years. I was called at work 3 weeks ago and was told by Director of Nursing that they could not give the skilled care that my brother needed. Then asked on the same phone call where I wanted to send him...In the mean time, my brother had a seizure and was sent to the hospital - the director of nursing called and said they were going to transfer him without my concent to a home deeper in South Chicago. Absolutely no help from Social Services at Crestwood - the director of Social Services and Director of Nursing should have their license taken away. Upon transferring my brother to another facility, evey piece of his clothing, 200 cassette tapes, a number of hats and misc. items were stolen either from Crestwood Employees or ParkShore employees. This facility should be closed down.




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