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Think again!


I returned to this hospital because it was a place of great care and quietness, but four years has it all gone to hell. I just have returned home with a TKR. After nuses took me off of my pain pump, it was three hours later I received meds. I have never been in so much pain, my teeth were chattering. On the second night I called to get help to go to the restroom, the lady that answer said, "well," you could tell she did not want you be bothered. After waiting ten minutes, I got myself up from the bed and as soon as I got to the restroom she walked in. She had her hands in her pockets and didn't say one word. I went to the bathroom myself, came out and she was gone. I managed to open the door and she was out in the hall with her hands back in her pockets, she was normally a nurse on floor 2 but was called up to help. I will NOT be going back.




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