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A discussion of the nursing home completed on Friday, June 22, 2018 5:39 AM MST.


THIS is the the best innvataion the bandookies new yorkers did for while


this place is busing with energy in county seat with unfortunate bunch of lazy workers , they hired 50 employee and 22 stayed on means the kids do nit want to work , the administrator is the jewel of the nile received my 87 yrs old mom in law with grace and dignity like you never seen , but she is german heritage.2nd generations ist class negative thinker,we do appreciate the courtesy these state emloyees have done , and we wish them luck hiring the young croocks workers in delhi nY they wil have the hell of time with workers whom they like their phones abd they think that society owes living like the employees@ bassett health net work as matter fact we wish the nursing finding a nice doctors which is a rare commmdity in the area and in the state , the top staff needs GOD BLESSING FOR WHAT THEY DO MY ADVISE FOR SUCH BAD KIDS AND IDES WORKING THERE IS THEY HIRE INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGIST TO KEEP IN CHECK THEY HIRED 50 EMPLOYEES AD THEY LOST 28 OF THEM LEFT WITH 22 EMPLOYEES SO THEY WILL NEED GOD INTERNVENTION WHICH WILL GIVE THEPLACE BAD REOUTATIONS LATER ON AND IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT , lets us blame on Cuomo and let us elect molinaro, marcus of poughkeessiesor the combo MOLINARO FOR GOVERNER AND NIXON for lit governor will be better than stizer and atterson and lets us retire Cuomo for ever




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