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New data. Plot thickens.


Addimg to this review is me above. All true.

I returned next day to ER being carried in. Different ER doc did right thing and ran MRI scans. Sent me to Emory via ambulance. I awoke one week later in ICU at Emory Bering told I had a massive cerebellar stroke. Literally 1/4 of brain not functioning. They said my chances of surviving were 50/50.And surprised I survived 1st few days. After some intense rehab at Emory, I was barely walking and learned to read, write, and talk again. I immediately went to Villa Rica to request records of 1st ER visit and those records were missing,but had records of 2nd visit. I had to threaten a court order to get what little I could. A 2nd request produced no records at all. Now, a year later, all of those records appeared via a 3rd personal request. The missing records from my 1st visit were there, but totally wrong and NOT in agreement with other reports. Words cannot describe my anger at such horrible life dangering treatment they refuse to acknowledge. My 1st MRI scan results came through Emory in March showing my brain damage from Tanner, but Tanner Villa Rica refused to give it to me until Nov, 2018






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