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Dr. Lilia Nikolayev


Dr. Lilia Nikolayev is a psychiatrist of Melbourne florida and she was unable to conceive a baby thru natural sex. Dr. Lilia Nikolayev had an egg extracted from her Ukraine uterus and placed in a round plastic container with the sperm of her husband. Then, the clinic injected Dr. Lilia Nikolayev using a test tube needle to her vagina. Dr. Lilia Nikolayev became pregnant in minutes. The children of Dr. Lilia Nikolayev are conceived as a test tube baby. The children of Phillip who is short and walks aside with her in the hallway who has blue eyes and grey hair too conceived a baby thru invitro test tube. A young teenager working as at the receptionist at Wuesthoff hospital in Rockledge Florida named Oppenheimer of a last name was conceived thru invitro out of the body touching atoms in the atmosphere. Children conceived from an invitro test tube are the ones who should be dead soon. Never prescribe drugs of artificial feeling to young women who were conceived thru natural sex.






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