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Yes, everything above is accurate and worse. There was a suicide there shortly after my stay in 2008. At that time, an alumnus told me it had happed before. That didn't surprise me since the therapists and techs were equally abusive to stable and unstable clients (i.e., people who were severely mentally ill, suicidal, active in their eating disorders, victims of serious crimes, and cutters, to name just a few).

Renaissance does an excellent job with public relations and advertising. They can afford to cover some of the worst stories up. While it's true that some people get sober there (because they're ready to get sober, as in any rehab), many leave more broken than the day they walked in.

To be honest, I'm skeptical of a lot of the positive reviews I've read online. Only the negative ones match my experience. I'm not someone who posts negative reviews, but Renaissance has the honor of being my sole exception. Anyway, I felt the need to comment here because someone removed my negative Yelp review. (No surprise.) Please do not go there or send your loved ones there! No one deserves that place.






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