Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions and concerns.


How much does this website cost?
All information and services are free. Revenue is made via paid advertisements which enable us to run the site completely free to the public.
I see a rating or comment that needs a second review by your staff, how do I inform you of this?
Though we do our best to thoroughly review all ratings and details to check for misinformation and spam. However, some may slip through the cracks due to the shear volume. To inform us that a specific rating or comment needs another review, click the "report" link and describe the issue for us.
Who can rate and review?
Anyone and everyone can rate or review on this website. This is both an advantage and a potential issue. Reviews can be completed by provider staff, a competitor, a real patient, someone with a grudge, staff family members, etc. It is impossible to determine which review comes from which source. So when reading reviews, please keep this in mind.
What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy policy can be found here.
What is your terms of use?
Our terms of use can be found here.
I am getting an error stating "Possible bot activity detected". Why is this happening?
It is likely that you have your browser cookies disabled for this site or entirely. Though you can browse to any part of CiteHealth without cookies, however all form submissions require cookies.
How do I report a bug or error?
Errors and bugs can be communicated on the contact us page. We appreciate any information on either.


I am a provider, how do I remove us from your website?
The simple answer is that you cannot. We go to great lengths to ensure that our users have complete and accurate information on every provider and our first priority is to ensure that information is available to them.
I am a provider, some of our information is incorrect. How do we correct it?
If the information is not quality based (i.e. a score or measure), please let us know of the issue and we will be happy to correct it.
I am a provider, some of our quality based information is incorrect. How do we correct it?
At this time we do not allow quality based information and scores to be changed. However, we do allow providers to dispute this information which will be shown to our users via an alert on the page.
Aren't you worried about being sued?
There are numerous statues, laws, and amendments that enable us to show our reports and our users' reviews without fear of litigation. A few examples:


Can I have more than one account?
The intention of the member system is for each person to have a single account. Having more than one account is against the terms of use.
How do I change my username?
First, check that the username you desire is available. Then contact us and provide your current username, desired username, and current email address.
How can I delete my account?
You may contact us with account deletion requests. Please provide your username and email address.
How can I change my email address?
You can change your email address in your account settings once logged in.
How come I can see information I have hidden?
If you are logged in you will see all available information. Once you are logged out you should not see any information you did not wish to be seen.

Support for your Organization

If you represent a health care provider, government entity, library or university, we would like to support you. See our organization support page to see how we can help.