Conemaugh Valley Memorial Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Wednesday, August 08, 2012 12:14 AM MST.


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I frequent this hospital yearly. Numerous surgeries, Emergency department visits and a few admissions. Recently, I was admitted for the third time this year. I cannot give the Emergency Department a lot of praise but I can tell you how ecstatic I am about M7. I was admitted on this floor for almost two weeks, this is my second stay on this floor over the past few months. I was recently diagnosed with a syndrome that is very rare and is very hard to treat. I have heard horror stories from other patients that have the same diagnosis, hearing stories about how they are mistreated by the nurses and doctors because there is little information about the syndrome and staff just does not know how to deal with the patients. Luckily for me, I have received the best care possible from the best nurses I have ever come across. The entire staff works great together. The Doctors, Aides and Nurses were all great. I have established a rapport with almost the entire staff on the floor. I was treated exceptionally well the first time I was admitted a few months ago and thought maybe it was just because I was only there for a few days, I stood to be corrected on my second admission after almost two weeks of phenomenal care. I could go on for hours, I just wanted the public to know how great this team of nurses doctors and aides truly are. I know this is a thankless field and the only time we as patients or our families interact with the nurses and aides is to complain, I want to thank each of you personally and let you know after two weeks of being away from my beautiful fiance and family I should be completely depressed, the only reason I am not is because of you. I feel like a few of you are not only nurses and aides to me but you have become my friends. I will gladly tell everyone about my experience on your floor and If I am unfortunate enough to be admitted again, I will be requesting to be placed on your floor. Keep up the great work and thanks again: Thank you Trina, Tammy, Patty, Steph, Andrea, Heather, Mattie. Ethan, Debbie, Bradee, Randi, Sonia, Mike, Josh, Jermaine, Pam, Heather, (Samantha, Donna and Bill from my first admit). Dr, Pidutti, Dr. Warren, Dan Gonchar, Dr. Kielbiowski, and Pharmacists Nancy and Laura who actually took the time to figure out what medications work for me.



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