Malvern Institute Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Sunday, November 04, 2012 9:02 AM MST.


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my son is seriously depressed and I believe using opiates to self medicate after being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ocd and I am throwing in a sleep disorder due to it all. He had continually told me he hated this place so much and just wanted to come home! Little did I know how desperate he was to get out that he cut himself superficially and had to go to a crisis center onto a mental pshyche locked facility! for 10 days only to say I just wanted to come home and had not been taking my meds for 2 months! So yes he was not thinking logically, but the counselor and doctor did not listen to my warnings that he was very depserate also and not safe at all. I am now still trying to get his personal belongings! almost a month later and he has no id, no phone, no clothes, no ipod, no meds that he personally brought there to show what he had been taking! the list goes on and on! I will be talking again or I should say leaving another message for the therapist and the man in charge of the safe, but then I will be calling an attorney. Theft is extremely high 2nd day his 50 $ phone card stolen from inside his dresser drawer staff refused to do anything and review the tapes from the camera outside his door! He was moved from his room with a mirror for safety and then moved into a room the next day to another room with a mirror which he broke and cut himself with..... My son was NEVER a cutter and thank god it was superficial and he thought it was a way out. I do NOT recommend this rehab. I am sure they are caring individuals but unfortunately it has gotten lost manangement doesn't seem to exist at all.



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