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A member review of the rehab center completed on Monday, December 03, 2012 5:44 AM MST.


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Caron Renassaince is not Caron, Pa, and please be advised that most if not all of the very poor ratings of this facility are quite true. They do mix criminals with non-criminals, sexual offenders with victims of sexual abuse, young with old - and then use a cookie cutter approach in treatment philosophy to treat everyone - which lends itself to be very ineffective to say the least. Yes, the counselors do use very vulgar language, do a lot of screaming, and do their very best to humiliate, intimidate, and treat those seeking treatment as sub-humans. I witnessed a young girl being badgered for days because she wanted to leave after her 84 days were up - Most of the abuse was from her home group counselor who also led the "trauma" group that met weekly. After days of this the parking lot was lit up one night with an abulance and police cars - the girl attempted suicide and was taken to a hospital. Even more amazing was that after the young girl was returned to cr after her hospital stay, she was abused even more for attempting suicide. A mother had taken her life in the unit I stayed before I arrived (by hanging), another mother went home and took her life. Families are literally torn apart. Drug and alcohol abuse takes its toll on family members, but to abuse and traumatize those in treatment is simply inhumane. I left after 84 days, and entered another 30 day treatment facility that was Christian based, not because I was struggling with my addiction, but due to trauma inflicted at Caron Ren. If your loved one is a victim of crime and suffering from PTSD please research very carefully where you send them. CR is not for them. I'm not sure in the end, that any human being deserves this. I've been sober for three (3) years and doing very well, but the horrors of caron ren will be with me for a lifetime.



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Yes, everything above is accurate and worse. There was a suicide there shortly after my stay in 2008. At that time, an alumnus told me it had happed before. That didn't surprise me since the therapists and techs were equally abusive to stable and unstable clients (i.e., people who were severely mentally ill, suicidal, active in their eating disorders, victims of serious crimes, and cutters, to name just a few).

Renaissance does an excellent job with public relations and advertising. They can afford to cover some of the worst stories up. While it's true that some people get sober there (because they're ready to get sober, as in any rehab), many leave more broken than the day they walked in.

To be honest, I'm skeptical of a lot of the positive reviews I've read online. Only the negative ones match my experience. I'm not someone who posts negative reviews, but Renaissance has the honor of being my sole exception. Anyway, I felt the need to comment here because someone removed my negative Yelp review. (No surprise.) Please do not go there or send your loved ones there! No one deserves that place.

Monday, May 11, 2020 3:37 PM MST

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