North Okaloosa Medical Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Thursday, January 24, 2013 8:06 PM MST.


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PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL EVER. I was taken there by ambulance,after being sick for 4 days fever, not eating,vomiting, coughing, chestpain, etc. Once arrived the EMS told me to get off the stretcher and somebody will come and get me to take me to triage. I was left in the hallway, (also had my small child with me) Nobody ever came,bring me a wheelchair or help me to get to the triage nurse. I was just left sitting in the hallway on the floor. Then i was told by a nurse that i had to get to the triage if i wanted to be seen, so i crawled there, whilst doing so i was vomiting the whole was there and nobody seemd to care.Then after i finally made to the triage i was checked in then they expected me to walk to the examining room, where i remained for ca 30 min till somebody came to see me. Then i was given some fluids, which helped, cuz due to the vomiting and high fever, ect. i was severely dehydrated. After that i was discharged with a prescription of lortab 10, nausea medication, and them telling me there is nothing wrong with me. The next morning i still did not feel better, i went to sacred heart hospital and once i arrived there, i was treated with lots of respect, kindness and quick. Once there they diagnosed me with a bad stomach virus,the flu and bronchitis.After being looked over very good, chest x-rays, heart monitor ect. I was discharged with the right medication. Crestview Hospital has numerous malpractice suits against them and also they are quick to over bill you for services you did not receive.The staff is not very friendly or helpful,they seemed to have hardly any knowledge in the medical field the facility is very dirty,bedside manners non existent, the quality of care is very very horrible.



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