Prescott House, Inc Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Monday, February 18, 2013 9:46 AM MST.


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Rehab and recovery are emotional topics but this is a sincere attempt at objective review from a family member. My loved one was referred to Prescott House after being kicked out of the after-care program of another high priced facility for bringing drugs into the SLE home. We were desperate to get him help and were referred to Prescott House by one of his Doctors. They also mentioned another local free facility but made it sound like a poor option. He did not want help, which complicated matters. He was willing to do as we asked though. When a loved one is beset by addiction most people will do anything to fix it, including spending grand sums of money whether they have it or not. Today I know expensive rehabs are not the key to recovery. Upon his arrival at Prescott House I recieved a call that we would need to send $3-$5K more because he had beers on the plane and it meant he would have to go through a completely different intake process. He described the housing as being not so great. That is not important to recovery and I don't believe in coddling addicts. The practices he described after leaving were unorthodox. I mean grown men carrying stuffed animals around to represent the burden of their family members on them. He was one that would not agree to cut ties with his family. At the time I thought that if he needed to cut ties with us to survive, so be it. There were also rumors of staff members having personal relationships that did not remain outside of the house. He exited the facility in what seemed to be a combination of being kicked out and walking out. Ie; it seemed like they goaded him to leave. I believe they thought he would spend a night on the rough streets of Prescott and then return on his own and give in to them completely. He returned home a very institulionalized man, something that did not occur in his subsequent treatment program. He did eventually give in, but to God, not to men. I believe the staff truly cares and wants to help. Unfortunately, I also believe after several interactions over the phone with staff that some of them need a break from the stress of dealing with addicts. While it is true that addicts need the help of recovered addicts, it was my sense that they were more attached to the outcomes of their clients than is healthy or professional. Their personal experiences seemed to be influencing the treatment program more than any professional training or philosophy. We also had to threaten to get an attorney involved in order to get his medical records over a year later. Again, the interaction there felt unprofessional and somewhat emotional. I don't mean this to be a scathing review. We do feel gratitude toward the House and the Staff. Every experience he had along the way helped him toward the peace he has found today. My loved one is 18 months clean now. He found recovery in a free, state-run facility that uses a completely different approach to recovery. I do believe it is possible to find recovery at Prescott House, and obviously the staff really cares about their clients. But I also believe that anyone ready to find sobriety can and will find it anywhere they check in, without the $$$$$ pricetag.



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