Advanced Health Care of Scottsdale Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 10:35 PM MST.


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We had my grandmother go to Advanced Health Care of Scottsdale and learned that this is the most unprofessional place, it’s a complete joke. They have no idea what they are doing, they over medicate their patients and can’t even keep track of their patients. They beyond over medicated my grandmother. She was completely out of it, didn’t remember anything, was very aggressive, was not her sweet loving self at all. We continued to tell them that she isn’t herself and something is wrong! They completely ignored us continuously, and even told us she has Alzheimer’s!! No sorry, you do not just get acute Alzheimer’s in a week! What a joke! Come to find out that the doctor had prescribed her Valium, talk about making a sane person crazy! She was hallucinating out of her mind and they couldn’t figure out it was the valium? My family knew right away once we found out they were giving her valium. They even had us hire a home health person to come in their facility and take care of her at night (basically do their job.) So here we are paying all this money for extra care when they were the ones making her this way! My aunt who is a doctor found out that she was on valium and told the head nurse as medical power of attorney for my grandmother she wanted the valium stopped immediately. Did they stop it..... Nope! They told her they did and then continued to give it to her! You hope to have your loved ones in a place that they are being taken care of properly and this is not the place! Overall this place is a complete joke and I would NEVER send another person I know there!



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