New Destiny Treatment Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Wednesday, May 01, 2013 8:26 PM MST.


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This rehab is no place to get help. They have poor security many of the patients can sneak in drugs & alcohol. Yes they drug test but mostly they get away with way to much. Several have behind the staffs back sold drugs & there has been nothing done. Room checks? Poor excuse to just collect money. Digger more this place is SUPPOSED to limit phone call use. They sneak in phones or the person who suppose to be treated ends up calling to harass you 24/7. They provide classes but tjese classes don't keep the point to these people how bad off they are. To many relapses, drug use, and tje theft inside is RIDICULOUS!!!!! If they don't lock up belongings in their own room, people will go in to steal what ever they feel. There is a huge huge lack of security!!!!!!!!!! Since I've known the place tjerr have been several kicked out once they finally do something is for theft, possessing drugs or alcohol.....a death from an over dose. The young man wasnt tjere at the time but since he didnt get real help of course he still used. If someone you know is kicked out for using and is messed up. They FEEL they have the right to kick them out NOT CALL YOU OR KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR TO TELL YOU. They can & will drop them off where ever the patient wants. So if tjat person is a bi polar raging dangerous person, yes you will not be told & be put at risk!!!!! This is not an attempt to defaced this place with wrongful intentions, they need to fix these issues to protect the patients & friends & families of them as well.



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