Malvern Institute Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, September 26, 2013 12:22 PM MST.


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The individual councilors are quality people but on several occasions had admitted openly to being overworked and understaffed much to the detriment of the patients. There is no day time security and often their own policies are not followed. In the course of one week drugs were brought in on three separate occasions and distributed among the community. They have one Psych for 80 patients and even though they are an accredited dual diagnosis facility do not go there if you wish to have any personal psychiatric conditions (ie PTSD, depression, anxiety etc). There is no fitness center and there is a great deal of free time in which the patients have nothing to do except smoke, walk in circles around the building or play volley ball if you are into that sort of thing. The only one on one treatment you get consists of two half hour sessions a week. Their nursing staff is over burdened so imagine two nurses in one med line trying to get sleep medication for 80 patients. I was grateful for being able to detox and break the cycle however almost 14 days without sleeping and having requests ignored for a change in sleep medication is not conducive for productive mental health. Many patients had also reported that they were directed to exaggerate the nature of their addictions so the insurance companies would keep patients longer. I would recommend this place for detox and would only recommend a full thirty days if your ONLY problem is addiction as they are not equipped to truly work for personal issues outside of that. Furthermore personal possessions that were checked in would often be misplaced if not flat out lost. The building is extremely outdated and the staff had admitted that there would often be septic issues if the place was at full capacity. Be extremely wary and prepared to advocate for yourself if your needs are not being met. If they can admit that they are understaffed then it is easy to imply that the patients can't have all their needs met and rather than take fewer patients and offer better care they choose to keep the place as packed as possible. Good luck to anyone that has serious addiction issues and even though the place is lacking in several ways it's better to be clean in there then to continue to put yourself at risk by going out to use.



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