Abington Memorial Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Sunday, October 20, 2013 1:04 AM MST.


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If you are pregnant - especially in the 2nd trimester or earlier- AVOID the ER here if you have complications or suspect a problem. I went here at 15+ weeks pregnant because I was having contractions. A RESIDENT (Jennifer Weidner) saw me in the ER- ask to see someone actually on staff and NOT a resident. She refused to send me up for an ultrasound and fetal monitoring. She did not take my complaint of contractions seriously. She said to take Tylenol and sent me home. They had taken blood samples (which I found out later were not tested- had they been, they would have seen elevated platelets and white blood cells - as we're discovered as I later miscarried). They also took a urine sample. All they did with that urine sample was do a pregnancy test (even though they heard the heartbeat and I had been at AMH the week before for an ultrasound). I was back in the ER a few hours later half-delivering my dead baby. Again I had to deal with Jennifer Weidner - long story short she almost sent me home AGAIN prematurely (telling me to "monitor my symptoms and to come back if they worsened")- thank GOD at this point 2 competent OBs were called in, told Jennifer Weidner that if she sent me home I could have hemorrhaged and required a blood transfusion later. They also mentioned she had scheduled me for a D&E later that day at 2pm - which was never told to me nor my husband. After my D&E, I was wheeled out to the curb and that was it. No mention of what happened to my son's remains, no option for testing, no grief counseling (although I was clearly crying heavily and in shock). After this debacle, I requested my medical records and also noticed errors and discrepancies in them. I had to go back and advocate for myself so many times and do my own research. It made a very difficult time even worse. I will say the nurses were fantastic- very supportive and sympathetic. Also, the actual OBs also seemed knowledgeable.  Just beware that if you go to the ER you will see a resident- and I would recommend asking to see an experienced doctor. Or, actually, AVOID this ER altogether and find a non-teaching hospital in the area.



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