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A member review of the home care agency completed on Wednesday, December 04, 2013 7:49 AM MST.


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my mom is almost 82 and fell and broke her arm. dr matt skews wrote a letter asking for help for my mom while she healed up from her broken arm on november 22, 2013. she mainly just needed someone to help her bathe. well on november 26 a lady showed up to sign my mom up and she gave her a bath. then we did not know when someone was coming again. so my mom waited every day for someone to come. so on thursday someone came late in the afternoon and my mom had already tried to give herself a bath the best she could so she took her clothes off again and the lady helped her wash her back. well then we did not know when someone would be coming again. we thought they said monday but no one showed up on dec 2nd so we called on thuesday and someone came out and she said she did not do the bathing so my mom asked when someone would be coming to help her take a shower and the lady told her this friday. so since novenber 22nd my mom had help with two showers and only the first lady called to tell her when they were coming. this is a total rip off of the medicare progam in my opinion. my mom called them yesterday and told them that she did not need their unreliable help anymore. these people should be investigated!!! how can an 81 year old woman with a broken arm go all that time with no help and people charging for doing nothing. they told my mom someone had come out on monday dec 2 to wash her and that did not happen as i was here. what else do these people charge for that they do not do.



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