Central Washington Hospital Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 1:29 PM MST.


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The care at Central Washington Hospital emergency department was very poor. My family member had a head injury with a laceration that was bleeding heavily and a large and quickly developing hematoma. The nurses did almost nothing except to show us to a room were we waited a long time. I ended up doing most of my family member's nursing care. I washed the blood off and applied pressure to the hematoma to keep it from continuing to bleed under the skin. When the doctor came in he did nothing except to glance at the wound which is no different than what I had already done. We were sent home without a pressure bandage and it was apparent later that the laceration needed stitches. The ED doctor should have been able to determine the need for stitches and sutured my family member. I will never go back to Central Washington Hospital emergency department. Additionally the nurses, as side from giving no care, were also rude to me. That is simply unprofessional. The whole experience was terrible and very poor quality care. We will get a high ED bill for very poor and next to nothing for my family member's visit to the ED. I am outraged at this shockingly abysmal care in the ED.



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