Western Pennsylvania Hospital Forbes Regional Campus Review by Anonymous

A member review of the hospital completed on Saturday, February 15, 2014 5:33 AM MST.


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Father admitted after being released from sister hospital (Allegheny valley) malnourished, dehydrated and on poisonous levels of Amiodorone (a heart med). These were verified by the new doctor at Forbes who wanted to know who released my father in this condition and why a deadly level of Amiodorone was written as a maintenance prescription. Dad was rushed to Forbes from assisted living with a suspected stroke. He waited in a dirty ER ROOM for hours before seen or before being hooked up to a monitor. After admission , he was given the wrong IV solution. After a nasal tube was inserted, I had to create a scene before Dad's hands were tied down (I had told them previously that my father has a history of pulling out the tube). He was isolated, which means you need to don a gown and gloves before visiting, but we were never told why. I assumed it was for the pneumonia he had at the other hospital. IN FRONT OF VISITORS the nurse chastised us and told all that Dad had MRSA. She then picked up and moved a dirty , electrical cord from the floor with her gloved hands and proceeded to insert my father's new IV, which was the WRONG SOLUTION. With my father's hands constrained, the nurses left his nasal feeding tube RIGHT NEXT TO HIS HANDS, where he could remove it! I asked for an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper to post a notice above his head to NOT LEAVE THE TUBE BY HIS HAND, and the nurse said that they don't post notices above a patient's bad. I got the paper anyway and put it up above his head RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR HAND WRITTEN NOTICE stating "elevate head at least 30 degrees.my fathers temperature climbed to 102.7, discovered by me, not them, and when nothing was done about it 1/2 hour later, I asked what was going on in an upset, frustrated and loud voice. The burly male nurse said "don't you raise your voice to me!" I called the number on the wall you can call when you feel that the care you receive is unsatisfactory. I had. 5 admins there stat. I explained EVERYTHING. No one apologized. No one ever visited me later to see if things improved. They likely breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that there was nothing worth suing over . Meanwhile, my fathers feeding tube had clogged closed ( they used the smaller of two tubes , which staff complained clogged). Dad's doctor explained that many hospitals have a digestive enzyme used to clear the tube, but Forbes does not buy it. If ginger ale or coffee does not clear the tube, INSERT ANOTHER!!! Dad had cardiac arrest just as we arrived home late evening. They called. I asked if I needed to get there right away and was told " I don't know how far you have to drive and I don't know that you NEED to be here, bit you probably want to be there . By the way , we can't find you father's living will in our records ( I had given it to them 5 days before). Please bring it." We arrived at 2 am, exhausted. We sat in the chairs in the room, and fell asleep . Not long after we were awoken and told , "you can't sleep here." MOST of the nursing staff was polite and courteous. There were two glaring exceptions of rudeness and inconsideration. Because of the first hospital's errors, my father has had kidney failure, coronary arrests, infections, and high fevers. His doctors have worked hard to balance things to bring him back, but they put him on the brink of death and harbor some employees who are rude and dangerous. I should not have used Allegheny Health Systems. UPMC would have been a better choice.



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