Rockford Manor Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 7:58 PM MST.


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Very disappointed in the facility. My mother had open heart surgery and went here for rehab. She asked for pain pills several times and either never received them or it took 3 - 4 hrs. When she was transported tthere the nurse who assessed her touched her incisions without gloves or washing her hands. Her doctor had sent papers stating she was to receive 2 pain pills in the evening and she was never given them. The beds were in rough shape and caused her back to ache. The bathroom is shared by two rooms with no locks on the doors. They tried to get her to forge her brother's signature on a paper stating he would be responsible for the bill if Medicare or her insurance failed to pay. The shower was located at the other end of the hall. It was a terrible set up for someone who is just going in for rehab. They also shampooed the carpet very late at night with the machine being loud which kept her awake. She did state the food was excellent and some of the staff that was really nice. We would not recommend sending your dog here so we definitely would not recommend this place for rehab or nursing home.



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