Parkview Adult Chemical Dependency Services Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, July 31, 2014 12:44 AM MST.


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This was a great experience with wonderful caring staff. Dr martin is terrific



 (Details have not been substantiated)



BEWARE... This place is a sham. Their website lists 6 different psychologists and states it offers individual and family therapy... NOT TRUE. My husband is there currently for a 28 day stay for his opiate addiction. Has been there a week now and has yes to see a medical doctor or recieve individual therapy with a mental health professional. I am not allowed to participate in family therapy because they won't allow my 9 month old to attend. We are military, recently relocated here, without family and limited funds... However they will not make any exceptions for receiving family therapy for our family. The "counselors " and nurses are constantly taking smoke breaks and walk around reeking of smoke. My husbands "counselor" walks around wearing kidÅ› costume fairy wings and readily admitted to my husband that she used to throw her daughter around like a rag doll. I have yet to be contacted by any professional there regarding my husbands treatment plan. I have called and also went there asking to speak to someone however the director, assistant director, doctors and phychologists ... None of these people were on the premises or available to keep me informed and in the loop. They claim to be nonprofit. They recieve almost 900 dollars per patient per day... Where does this money go? Not to intensive patient therapy or to meals. They are fed corn dogs, hot dogs, macaroni, and burgers in an environment that is supposedly dedicated to patients making the transition to living a healthy lifestyle.. This is a hardcore Christian belief center. My husband is not a spiritual believer in any way, for whatever his reasons, he just can't get behind organized religion. The only "therapy" offered there is group AA meetings, once per evening. God is the core of the 12 step program and is mentioned in 8 of the twelve steps.. So what is a person to do if they are not spiritual? We were expecting any substance abuse program to offer intensive ongoing, long term pherapy to get to the root of a personÅ› psychological issues and how to cope with stressors and overcome their deadly addictions.. Just be aware .. This place is pushing patients through and going through the motions to the tune of thousands of dollars, not for the sake of saving lives and families.

Monday, December 08, 2014 11:51 AM MST

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