Friendship Health & Rehab Center Review by Anonymous

A member review of the nursing home completed on Saturday, April 25, 2009 2:31 PM MST.


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Great at providing lip service but no follow through. MD orders not followed, little to no handwashing, unable to recognize obvious infection (smelly pus, red, hot, swollen, fever) - MRSA wound infection after just 2 weeks there, had to fight for treatment and ultimate removal from the center. Leave residents on bedpans - witnessed patient asking to be removed for a full hour! Witnessed patient being told she had just gone to the bathroom not long ago, therefore they would not help her again. Another time left her in a bed of urine and stool refusing to clean her up. Meals frequently do not come, no one notices. Diabetic not checked on for 6 hours, found her in severe pain, no meal, no blood sugar checks. Very dangerous place. Please do not take your loved one there.



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