Addiction Recovery Care of Tampa Review by Anonymous

A member review of the rehab center completed on Thursday, March 19, 2015 6:59 PM MST.


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I was totally APPALLED at the conditions in this facility. My husband had developed a problem w/alcohol abuse, and voluntarily asked for help from the VA. He was sent to the facility off of MLK. I brought him there. It was horrible! I had to use the bathroom, and was led to a "staff" was dirty and run down. The entire facility is housed in a old, ramshackle building w/questionable sanitation. Food? On a regular basis, the "inmates" were provided food of questionable origins. On just about every morning, "breakfast" consisted of packaged premade/packaged pancakes, perhaps toast, and fruit "drink" that my husband noted had expired expiration dates. Even though my husband is disabled, using a cane, and has advanced COPD, he was given a sleeping area that required him to painfully climb a long flight of stairs. THIS is what my government does for our vets who are voluntarily seeking help? This facility is disgusting, I have done volunteer work at homeless shelters that are cleaner and provide at least a decent meal. I've no idea why the VA sends our people to this place, is it supposed to be a punishment? No damn wonder not many seek assistance, this place is reprehensible. I would NEVER advocate any veteran to be warehoused here, I truly believe it is nothing more than a money-maker for the agency that runs it, and a definite black eye on the VA for sending our vets here!



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