A Forever Recovery Review by mKsmith

A member review of the rehab center completed on Saturday, March 28, 2015 5:55 PM MST.


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I know someone who sent their son to this center about a year ago. I must say that we are all very pleased to see the outcome that has come from sending him here. First I must say that everyone involved has to be on the same page. Along with the addict being willing to go the family also has to be in agreement to not come get them or let them come home when they call on the phone saying bad things about what is going on here. You have to understand that the beginning is the hardest part and getting them to stay is very hard in itself. They will call you beg to come home, say that things are going on, but if you stand your ground and make them push through it you will all reap the rewards. Once he got passed this stage in the program and began to really work on himself all of a sudden we were getting calls of how great he was doing and how much he was learning about himself. All of a sudden the center was not all the things he was saying before but it now was a place that he was wanting to stay at and he was learning so much. When we got calls from him he sounded so uplifted and happy and was really enjoying his time here. The year of aftercare that they provided to him when he left really was great. It gave him a sense of hope that he felt he had someone with him even when he was leaving this program to figure things out and proceed with his recovery after he leaves. It gave the family back home a sense of hope as well feeling like we were not enabling him when he returned because we needed to be sure that we were not going to be exercising our bad habits again and we wanted him to stand on his own two feet when he returned and not just move back home and follow the same routines and do nothing. So he went to stay at a after care facility for a good eight months after graduating the facility and he is doing great. He now has a job and is clean and sober and actually decided that he wants to take some college classes. We would never have expected for this to be the outcome, but we did pray and hope to see this side of him and we now are. I could not be more thankful for everything the staff has done to help him get on this road to recovery but they really know what they are doing here and we can not thank them enough. For anyone out there trying to help someone that they know or love I would highly recommend this place. the gift they gave us back is something that we can not thank them enough for and we are just so overjoyed everyday that we can see this young man be a valuable member to society and be the best that he can be



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